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rani's updates

רן רהב, מר סטיבן הרפר,מר בנימין נתניהו ואשתו שרה.

Former Canadian Prime Minister's Visit

20/12/2020 14:40

Hila Rahav and the Honorary Consul of the Marshall Islands, Ran Rahav, hosted for lunch at their residence: the former Prime Minister of Canada and a true friend of Israel, Mr. Stephen Harper, together with the Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

The synagogue renovated

24/07/2020 10:40

The synagogue that Hila and I renovated in the Hatikva neighborhood in memory of my uncle Menashe Avnon, who died during the Six Day War. And the memory of my grandparents who lived in Negba 6 Yad Eliyahu. From there, you had an alley straight to the Hatikva neighborhood to the only Ashkenazi synagogue. I would visit my grandparents every Friday and which connected me to the mizrachi stream in my life.