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Eran Shlomo

Eran is VP of Logistics at Rahav Communications. He has been working at the company for 17 years.

Eran is in charge of the company’s cars, deliveries and unique antique cars collection. His an expert on cars and motorcycles.

He grew up in Tel Aviv. He is married and has two kids. His hobbies are 4×4 trips in the desert, extreme sports trips and running.


Tali Tuval

Tali grew up in Oranit. She served in the Intelligence Unit 8200. Then she earned her bachelor’s degree in communications at Bar Ilan University. She then continued to do her MA in law, also at Bar Ilan.
Tali has over 13 years of experience in public relations and spokespersonship for publicly trading companies and for politicians. Among other things, she worked as the personal spokesperson of Knesset Member Erel Margalit from the Labour party and Gaon Holdings’ spokesperson and IR manager.
Three years ago, Tali joined Rahav Communications. She mostly takes care of Israel’s largest supermarket chain, large financial institutions and retailers.
What she loves most about working at Ran Rahav Communications is the fact that you always need to reinvent yourself because the Israeli world of communication is changing and evolving very quickly. No day is the same, with very different clients and projects.
“Two things I love most are Israeli politics and sports. When it comes to Israeli politics, I love to follow everything that is on the agenda. I’m also addicted to sports, mainly functional training. Exercising provides me with the much needed energy to start my day, prepared for battle.”


Naama Ben-Menda

Naama grew up in Rishon LeZion. In the army, she served in the Home Front Command, as a press NCO of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

She then graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. In parallel, she studied journalism in Kotert school of journalism. Later on, she completed her masters in public policy at the Open University.

Naama has over 18 years of experience in public relations, 13 of them at Rahav Communications. Naama dealt with clients in fields of healthcare, technology and hi-tech, capital markets, real estate, consumer products, and more.

At Rahav Communications, Naama loves the challenge in conveying the client’s story in an interesting and compelling manner, while constantly being attentive to the developments and updates in the media and in the markets.

“In my spare time, I like meeting friends and family, travelling and listening to lectures. I think it’s important to learn about yourself and about your surroundings, regardless of your age.”


Eytan Atias

Eytan is 40 and have three children: Harel, Sagi and Abigail. He was born in Ofakim. He served as a NCO in the computers division of the Homefront Command. After his release, he rejoined the “standing army” as chief of the computers laboratory at the Hatzerim Airforce Base. Two years later, he started studying Communications at Sapir Academic College.

During his studies, Eytan realized that his passion truly lays in PR, which is why he decided to build a career in the field. Eytan has 14 years of experience in PR, out of which 9 are with Rahav Communications.

He deals with clients in the fields of aviation, banking, technology, consumer products and real estate.

What Eytan loves most about his work is the professional and personal challenges. Professionally, the challenge is to work with the largest companies in Israel, and personally, the challenge is to learn something new about yourself everyday.

“I absolutely love tennis. I started playing when I was 9 years old at the Tennis Center in Ofakim. I trained professionally for more than 6 years, and participated in contests in Israel and abroad. At age 16, I became an instructor and trained more than 120 kids in Ofakim. I still play today for fun, and I think that there is no better sport than tennis.


Libi Aloni

Libi was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She worked in the Ministry of Defence after being released from the IDF, and remained there for a year. She then moved to Los Angeles for a year where she worked in the Fashion Industry.

When she returned, she took a course in Communications at the College of Management, and has been working in PR since 1995.

Libi works with clients from the fashion, lifestyle, and consumer products industries.

“What I love most about working for Ran Rahav Communications, and why I have been here since 2004, is because every day is full of surprises and challenges. Nothing is repetitive and never gets tiring.

“In my free time I am very into arts and music, I love enjoying nice concerts or plays.”

Libi is married and has 3 kids.


Gili Shilo

Gili started at Ran Rahav Communications in the year 2000, with a great love for fashion and PR. Over the years, she has been appointed VP of Fashion in the office. Gili is a true Telavivian, and loves the city very much. At the IDF, she served as an Education Officer at the Israeli Air Force. Upon her release, she got her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Philosophy. Gili fell in love with the communications field, and the fact that every day there is something new with lots of challenges and even more adrenaline. 

Gili is the first LGBT representative at the office, and is married to Dr. Lydia Paz. They have one daughter, Naomi. 

“I am absolutely in love with the ocean. During Summer, you will find me either on Manta Ray Beach or at the dog beach. I also really love travelling to Sinai.”