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Rahav Communications Group - Who are we?

The Rahav Communications Group

was established in 1991 by Ran Rahav. The Group includes the public relations firm Rahav Communications and its digital media division, Rahav Media.

Rahav Communications is the largest public relations firm and leading media consultancy in Israel

Rahav Communications is the largest public relations firm and leading media consultancy in Israel, serving the top commercial and public organizations and companies in Israel and around the world. The company, which is 90% female, is led by dozens of executives and professionals who are the best and most experienced in their field.

Rahav Communications provides tailor made media solutions

Rahav Communications provides tailor made media solutions and services in order to accomplish the client’s goals and business objectives. We serve clients from a wide variety of fields: capital markets, real estate, tourism, aviation, hospitality, media, fashion , cosmetics, design, technology, high-tech, consumerism and so much more

Israel PR agency - Rahav Communications’ PR services are leading in Israel

Rahav Communications’ PR services are leading in Israel, thanks to a deep seeded relationship of over 30 years with the Israeli media world, strong connections with long lasting clients and Ran Rahav’s very powerful personal network. Furthermore, Rahav Communications makes sure to always stay in line with today’s media and communication agenda, which requires the team to always be up-to-date, creative and innovative at any given time. The company has continued to grow over the years, while maintaining values of integrity, reliability, responsibility, professionalism, availability, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Rahav Communications Digital Media division

Rahav Media provides social media marketing and presence services and helps companies design, build and launch social media campaigns and brand pages. The company helps companies increase their following and keep track of their fans through the various social media channels. They do that by using the latest Track tools in addition to in-house social media experts who are able to complete the client’s marketing goals.

"Rahav Communications is the largest public relations firm and leading media consultancy in Israel"


Ran Rahav explains “When I founded Rahav Communications in 1991, there were about 10 PR companies in Israel and within a year we became the largest and leading company in Israel. Today, in my opinion, there are about 1,000 companies engaged in public relations, some as independent offices, some as freelancers, some internally or externally, but most importantly, it is a regular profession.

One important thing which I have not compromised over the years is our DNA, which is based on values of trust, transparency, professionalism, around the clock service, listening and creativity. The most important aspect in PR is to stay relevant and up to date, and I am proud of Ran Rahav Communications for always making sure to be creative and innovative while trying to improve ourselves every single day”

“I believe that the truth is always guiding us, all the way towards the road of success, no matter how complicated it is.” Rahav also added that the company does not disclose the names of its clients, contacts and projects it has launched during 30 years of activity, because of the company’s commitment to full confidentiality.


Expertise Communications & PR services in Israel

For reasons of client-privileges and secrecy,
we only mention the fields in which we are involved, without mentioning particular clients:

Capital Markets

Real Estate