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Rahav Communications. 
Integrity first. 
Leading Israel’s PR industry.
When you represent the top companies, there is not a day without a crisis
 I love what I do. This is my luck.
The most important thing in Public Relations is your integrity.

When you represent the top companies
there is not day without a crisis
 I love what I do. This is my luck.
The most important thing 
 in Public Relations is your integrity

“When you represent the top companies there is not a day without a crisis.

 I love what I do. This is my luck

The most important thing in Public Relations is your integrity”

Rani Rahav Communications is the largest and oldest public relations company in Israel.
For 30 years, our clients include private, commercial and public organizations in a wide range of fields, including the capital market, high-tech, telecom, automotive, real estate, industry, tourism, aviation, hotels, media, fashion, cosmetics, design, consumerism and more.

Each client receives a personal service and a groundbreaking media action plan tailored to him and especially for him. We specialize in spokesperson and public relations services, building a communication strategy, crisis management in accordance with the digital age and more.
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Our added value is a combination of groundbreaking public relations services and our in-depth and long-standing familiarity with the Israeli media world and with the client’s business and marketing strategy.

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